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"My experiences working with Misty have been some of the most enjoyable photo shoots I have done. I knew she was a gem the first time I worked with her. She managed to style two photo shoots at the same time five blocks from each other, kept her composure, maintained her creative influence and helped keep a mental art director sane. There is no doubt that she will amass a high level of success.Thank you Misty for all your hard work, and kindness!"Sergio G.

"Misty is my go-to stylist for all the photoshoots I do. She has a terrific clean style that I love, and always uses high-end merchandise. She has a terrific fun personality and is extremely organized which is rare in our creative world:) I have been working with her several times a month for over 2 years already and absolutely love her:)"Olesja Mueller

"Oh Misty is the best fashion stylist I've yet to work with. She was so helpful in finding me the right dress for the Daytime Emmy awards last year. She made sure that I had the perfect accessories as well!! I highly recommend her if you are looking for a great fashion stylist that listens to your needs, take time out of her busy schedule to have you looking hot and making sure you have everything you need!!! "Zee James

We love Misty! My 5 year old daughter was styled by Misty for a photo shoot last April, and not only did she pick the perfect clothes to suit my daughters personality, but she has the patience of a saint. She is so calm and cool. Misty is a total pro and I soo hope to work with her again!!!"Sari C.

"I've worked with Misty on several styling photo shoots and I love her professionalism and efficiency! She has the amazing ability to capture just the right look and style for her clients. As a celebrity hairstylist, it's important that the clothes accentuate the hairstyle and Misty always seems to know just the right look for each occassion. Misty Casseus, Rocks! I love working with her!"Felicia L.

"Misty is the most amazing stylist I have ever used. She knows what's in style and all the go-to brands. She will also think outside the box and is not afraid to try something different. She will also create a look based on what suits each individual. She has such a great personality. She is so easy- going and completely down-to-earth. She is a pleasure to work with. I have already refered her to friends and can't wait to work with her again in the future!"Judy D.