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“Fashion fades, style is eternal.” - Yves Saint Laurent

Born in South Carolina, raised in Virginia, with resident stints in Atlanta, Chicago, New York, Washington DC, and San Francisco – Misty draws on her experiences in these different places as the inspiration behind her approach to style and fashion. Misty's influences stretch far beyond the boarders of the U.S. Having spent time in such countries as England, France, Argentina, Japan, Spain, and Australia, Misty seamlessly infuses aspects of various cultures to help her clients create a style that is truly unique. She keeps an open mind, which has allowed her to focus more on "what's next" instead of "what's now."

Misty began styling and personal shopping shortly after graduating from college in 2001, and her work has been growing ever since. Not one to blindly follow trends, Misty takes pride in her ability to blend fresh with vintage, high end with thrift, and classic with modern. Resulting in amazing looks, and most importantly, truly satisfied clients.

Currently living in Los Angeles, Misty has styled for some of the most captivating photographers on the West Coast, with her work being featured on television, magazines and websites. Misty is looking forward to spreading her vision, her passion, and expertise with a broader audience.